Oct 01, 2013
Bixel Boys Debut ‘Black December’ EP
Bixel Boys - Black December (Original Mix) [Sweat It Out]
Bixel Boys - Red October (Original Mix) [Sweat It Out]

Out of all the releases of the past few months, there’s one I can honestly say I’ve been anticipating more than any other. That release is the debut EP from LA-based producers Bixel Boys, titled Black December. After first hearing the title track, Black December, at a show they played in LA in July, I knew the EP was going to be something special.

The duo has been steadily gaining recognition with their deep house/tech house remixes (including a remix of Seal’s Crazy that is a personal favorite) and have gotten major support for the EP from the likes of Drop the Lime, Clockwork, Treasure Fingers, and many others.

Both tracks off the EP seem suitable for an underground warehouse party with their deep bass and techy vibes, but the track Black December also has a couple of major buildups, with one of the best payoffs in recent memory. While the title tune gives more off more of a deep house vibe, Red October leans more toward the tech house side of things. The production on both tracks is extremely clean and shows just a little of what these two are capable of.

The Black December EP was just released on Sweat It Out. Grab a copy on Beatport here.

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