May 08, 2013
Kaskade Teams Up With BitTorrent For The Bundle

BitTorrent has partnered with fellow San Francisco native Kaskade to promote a new multimedia format they call a Bundle, which will offer artists a new method with which to reach fans and monetize content.

A Bundle is a group of content packaged together in a new format which possesses the ability to collect info like emails and even payment in return for access to the content inside, while serving as an education tool in the form of digital flyers and booklets baked in. Through these Bundles, BitTorrent will offer artists a chance to benefit from the many advantages of the platform made notorious for its use in piracy, like extreme content virality and fast transfers.

“The idea is that if you put the store or place to interact with the content creator inside the Bundle itself, then every creator stands to earn either money or a connection to a new fan every time that piece of content is shared,” Matt Mason, vice-president of marketing, told the BBC.

Included in their inaugural offering, Ultra Music and Kaskade have slapped together a Bundle that features a free copy of the Dada Life remix of Kaskade’s Dynasty and a trailer video for his Freaks of Nature Tour video. After downloading the Bundle, fans can enter their email to unlock a 10-minute film starring Kaskade as he rocks the Staples Center in L.A. and a “digital tour booklet” for his Freaks Of Nature tour.

The peer-to-peer platform says it plans to continue to explore this new revenue and sharing model.

“Content creators and their fans can connect directly, and that’s useful for anyone from a small band to Disney, who now won’t need to use Facebook, Spotify or Netflix as a middleman,” Mason said.

Digital marketing firm Fame House, LLC has been experimenting with releasing content on BitTorrent since its first project involving DJ Shadow in 2012, which was the first officially recorded instance of an artist monetizing a file-sharing platform.

Head to BitTorrent for more free music and content bundles from other artists like Pretty Lights, Billy Van, Paz, and more.

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