Jun 09, 2014
Birdee Drops A Single That’s ‘So Good’
Birdee - So Good (Original Mix) [Vicious B*tch]
Birdee - So Good (Punks Jump Up Remix) [Vicious B*tch]
Birdee - So Good (Filterkat Remix) [Vicious B*tch]

Los Angeles’ Birdee is too cool for you. You can throw on your most stylish sunglasses, don a leather jacket, and drive a Mercedes-Benz with the top down, but unless you also happen to be the Fonz, Birdee’s music will still make you feel like a Dungeons & Dragons geek at a chess club meeting. By merging funk, disco, and electro house, he’s discovered the recipe to make even Mother Teresa feel like strutting and stomping when she walks, and his newest single So Good fits right in with his growing collection of bangers.

Right out of the door, Birdee pulls you in with a synth riff distorted to sound like a guitar, along with tight bass slaps and brief pauses for a Michael Jackson impersonator to breathe like a Smooth Criminal. A build-up with Skrillex-inspired vocal cuts is a welcome break for those who couldn’t keep up with the pace. But be prepared, because after a minor build, the track drops with a pumping ’80s bass that makes you wish you could be involved in one of those high-speed boat chase scenes from Miami Vice.

The original mix is rounded out by a slightly deeper version from Punks Jump Up and a phenomenal remix by Filterkat that recalls Justice at their finest. This is a Beatport exclusive that’s worth picking up if you’re ready for the ride.

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