Mar 17, 2012
Bingo Players Feel The
Bingo Players - L'Amour (Original Mix) [Hysteria]

Electro house has certainly evolved over the years, branching off into new sub-styles like complextro, fidget, and moombahton. Today, it’s become extremely popular to juice up tracks with sweeping breakdowns and progressive builds that make them ideal for big room settings. I love the evolution, but sometimes I just want straight electro house with pounding kicks and pulverizing basslines.

This is where the Bingo Players come in to play. The Dutch duo have a new ass-kicking banger out on their label Hysteria called L’Amour, or the love in French. Speaking of France, it expresses an undeniable homage to Daft Punk’s track Robot Rock, with familiar electronic voice samples and melodies. If you want completely wreck a crowd, this is the weapon to go with.

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