Jul 11, 2014
Binary Finary Goes Back To The Future, Pisses Off deadmau5
Binary Finary & Mino Safy - DeLorean (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary & Mino Safy - DeLorean (Pablo Anon Remix) [Digital Society]

Binary Finary have released their latest track Delorean, a collaboration with Algerian producer Mino Safy, and it’s another prime example of the duo’s decades of experience and influence.

Delorean features a healthy dose of classic uplifting, a tiny bit of stompy big room, and masses of the psytrance which made the duo big in the first place. It’s easy to forget, but while Ferry & Tiesto were turning Binary Finary into a household name, their original works were all about the dark, deep, and almost spiritual core of trance. Over 15 years later, it’s an understanding which is still very much in place, as Delorean delves deep into the very history of the genre and brings those mental Binary Finary synth lines bang up to date.

Binary Finary have a much deserved place at the root of trance history, not least thanks to their seminal classic 1998. The original, and the multitude of remixes that followed, defined the style for many, but seemingly not deadmau5, who has raised the ire of the duo by staggering into another of his famous Twitter rants, this time regarding Binary Finary’s effect on the genre. Classic mau5 sarcasm or total ignorance?

Delorean is out now on Digital Society along with a darker take from Pablo Anon.