May 08, 2013
Bill Patrick’s Top 10 Of 2013
Patrick Gil - Zissou [Deeplabs]
XDB - Frocks [Sistrum]
Panos & Sentenza - Mele [Soweso]
Joy Orbison & Boddika - &Fate [Nonplus]
Terekke - Damn [L.I.E.S.]
Huerco S. - Cercy [Future Times]
Atoms For Peace - S.A.D. [XL]
H-Foundation & David Durango - Surface [Supplement Facts]
Chris Mitchell - Snakes Heat & Concrete [Vanguard Sound!]
Baaz - Owl's Night [Office]

Those unfamiliar with Bill Patrick may well be closed off to a world of incredible sound. The native New Yorker living in Berlin has got supreme taste, be it in the booth of the world’s best clubs, or on his Private Stock radio show playing the finest of all that isn’t dance music. To celebrate life and music and other cool stuff, Bill’s compiled a top 10 of his favorite tracks of 2013 thus far; trust us, it’s a really f*cking good top 10. Listen above, buy below:

Patrick Gil – Zissou [Deeplabs]
(buy: Vinyl)

XDB – Frocks [Sistrum]
(buy: Vinyl)

Panos & Sentenza – Mele [Soweso]
(buy: Vinyl | Digital)

Joy Orbison & Boddika – &Fate [Nonplus]
(buy: Vinyl | Digital)

Terekke – Damn [L.I.E.S.]
(buy: Vinyl)

Huerco S. – Cercy [Future Times]
(pre-order: Vinyl)

Atoms for Peace – S.A.D. [XL]
(buy: Vinyl)

H-Foundation & David Durango – Surface [Supplement Facts]
(forthcoming, June 2013)

Chris Mitchell – Snakes Heat & Concrete [Vanguard Sound!]
(buy: Vinyl)

Baaz – Owl’s Night [Office]
(buy: Vinyl)

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