Dec 17, 2013
Bill Patrick Posts His Top Music of 2013
Atoms for Peace - Ingenue (Original Mix) [XL Recordings]
Jai Paul - BTSTU (Original Mix)

Bill Patrick’s year end review reads, “meh.” No, seriously, he just wrote, “meh,” under his thoughts of 2013.

However, Bill does seem to have more to say about his top music choices for the year, having posted lists for both top songs and top albums of 2013. On top of that, he hinted at making a few more lists before the year ends, meaning we can bask in the glory of even more BP opinions and commentary–Joy.

These are not Bill’s first lists of the year. About six months back, he gave LessThan3 his top selections of 2013–none of which made his most current list. Check out what the old Bill Patrick would listen to way back in May here.

Below, you’ll see shortened versions of Bill’s 2013 selections, so I’d suggest going to the links with the full lists. You’ll enjoy them, especially if you listen to Bill’s Private Stock podcasts–it’s the same kind of give-no-f*cks commentary, but in written form.

Bill Patrick’s Top 5 Albums of 2013 (full list here)
5. Unkown Mortal Orchestra – II
4. Jai Paul – Demos
3. Mount KimbieCSFLY
2. Four TetBeautiful Rewind
1. Atoms for PeaceAMOK

Bill Patrick’s Top 5 Songs of 2013 (full list here)
5. Blue Hawaii – Try To Be
4. Atoms for Peace – AMOK
3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Monki
2. Kurt Vile – Wakin On A Pretty Day
1. Atoms for Peace – Ingenue