Jun 18, 2015
Biggest Spending Brands In Dance Music Revealed

Dance music is big money in 2015, and now Billboard has revealed just how much some of the genre’s biggest sponsors are pumping into the industry.

The infographic, which can been seen below, shows the biggest spending brands in dance music. Anheuser-Busch contributes by far the most at $35 million, 7Up! is second at $20 million, and mobile giant T-Mobile in third place with $10 million.

As for the benefactors of such deals, major US festivals such as EDC, Ultra, and the extensive SFX portfolio take in the brunt of the cash. Individual DJs, such as Tiesto and Martin Garrix (pictured), also have some hefty sponsorship contracts going on. Yet while corporate dollars may be a solid fact of dance music in 2015, it’s worth remembering that the global dance music industry is worth a whopping $6.9 billion, so it’s clear that the scene is far from relying solely on deals with big business to stay afloat.

Dance Music Sponsors
Images courtesy of Billboard.

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