Mar 03, 2011
Bigger is Better
TAI - Big Bass Drum (Original Mix) [Onelove]
TAI - Big Bass Drum (Bart B More Remix) [Onelove]
TAI - Big Bass Drum (Etienne de Crecy Remix) [Onelove]

Well, you can’t say TAI didn’t warn you–he did say it was a BIG Bass Drum. TAI’s killer new single and remixes were just released, and all we can say is that they’re… BIG.

The original might be the best of the bunch, with the bells and whistles required to stand alone as a killer club track. TAI blends a bit of electro, a bit of funk, and a lot of boom to produce a track that really pounds. The simple vocal gives it that sticking factor that regardless of your state of mind or state of dance, you’ll leave the show chanting “Big Bass Drum.”

Bart B More’s remix adds some fire to TAI’s already spicy track, with a jamming snare and some more intense electro accents. The Etienne de Crecy remix gives you a poppy, choppy interpretation of TAI’s original. The middle gets even more trippy, with a melody that’s best described as Benassi on drugs. Don’t worry, though; it’s not your imagination–this song is as real as it gets.

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