Mar 24, 2011
Big Room Knights
Mark Knight & Michael Woods - Banger (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom]

It’s no secret that we here at LT3 are serious Michael Woods fans, having collectively posted upwards of five or so of his releases. Smooth yet intense, streamlined yet complex, it’s that signature progressive sound that draws us to feature his work again and again. Here’s a collaboration with Toolroom Records owner Mark Knight–a prog-house powerhouse on his own–that’s a sure throwdown as the festivals come back into season.

The aptly-named Banger is just what you’d expect from the joint minds of these two house masters. Long, oscillating phrases with tight breakdowns and massive drops make for a perfect big-room shredder. It’ll ease down in the middle just long enough for you to catch your breath before another huge descent into bassline madness. As the introductory track to Toolroom’s Miami 2011, you can bet that this will be dropping all week long at UMF.

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