Aug 16, 2010
Big Room Destroyer
Glenn Morrison - Triangle & Strings (Jerome Isma-AE Remix)
Glenn Morrison - No Sudden Moves (Original mix) [Pilot 6]
Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (Jerome Isma-AE Remix)

Jerome Isma-Ae and Glenn Morrison are both top notch Trance and Progressive House producers whom I’ve admired for quite some time now. This remix of Triangle & Strings is a colossal stadium track that I just can’t take off repeat. The highlight of the track is its rumbling and rolling bassline that introduces itself with a stampede of raw power. Triangle & Strings also has an incredibly beautiful breakdown complete with epic pads and a bittersweet piano melody that will have you holding your hands high in the air. This contrast of astronomical bass, catchy house beats, and harmonious melodies makes this remix a top notch Big Room Destroyer. To showcase some of their other works I’ve included in the player two of my other favorite tracks by these artists including No Sudden Moves and a tribute remix of Michael Jackson’s Stranger In Moscow.

Jerome Isma-Ae is a German producer based out of Munich, Germany with Thai roots. He started producing piano melodies at an early age and played in a heavy metal band as the bass guitarist in highschool. Jerome will be playing soon on September 7, 2010 at the prestigious club Amnesia on the island of Ibiza, Spain.

Glenn Morrison started his DJing and producing career in Toronto, Canada and has frequented many nightclubs around the world including The Avalon in Hollywood, California. Morrison is teaming up with Armin Van Buuren on August 19th for an event at Mackenzie beach on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. He also has a most excellent radio showed named Sequence available free through podcasts.

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