Feb 12, 2014
Big Gigantic Declares ‘The Night Is Young’
Big Gigantic - Blue Dream [Big Gigantic]
Big Gigantic feat Cherub - The Night Is Young [Big Gigantic]
Big Gigantic - Touch The Sky [Big Gigantic]

Big Gigantic has truly crafted a brand of its own over the years. The guys have become crowd favorites by performing with live instruments, and the quality of their funky beats has earned them an upstanding reputation. Their 2012 album, Nocturnal, was celebrated for its jazz influences, and their latest, The Night Is Young, very much furthers their distinct sound.

While the focus these days in EDM is so often based on how hard and filthy your drops are, Big Gigantic reminds us how to get people dancing without being over-the-top with this new record. A perfect example is the second track, Blue Dream. Although it does pack a punch in the bass department, its smooth flow and feel-good vibes are what really draw you in.

For those who love sexy vocals and a four-to-the-floor tempo, the LP’s title track, The Night Is Young, is sure to make any dancefloor go wild. Cherub’s seductive voice was the perfect choice for the disco-styled tune. It’s also remarkably easy to fall in love with the soothing saxophone melodies in its half-time breakdown.

They made certain to pack plenty of variety into this release. For those who do appreciate the harder styles of bass music, the trap-styled Touch The Sky delivers some fresh flavor, and the way it blends a saxophone with slamming trap beats makes it quite unique. The album also features a gentle closing jam called Shooting The Stars. Its bittersweet melodies definitely arouse feelings of not wanting a wonderful night out to end.

Now available, you can grab Big Gigantic’s The Night Is Young here on iTunes and support the guys there, or they’ve been kind enough to offer it as a free download on their site. Also, check out their 2014 tour dates, which include a stop at the renowned Coachella music festival.

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