Jul 15, 2011
Big & Gigantic
Emancipator - Ares (Big Gigantic Remix)
Big Gigantic - High Life [1320]
Big Gigantic - Lucid Dreams [1320]

Out of Colorado comes a live two-man production team known as Big Gigantic. Wielding a saxophone and a drumset, this relatively new duo has been proving their dominance this summer at festivals across the country with a jazzified, glitched out dubstep sound.

Big Gig has recently been featured on Emancipator’s remix album, showcasing their version of Ares. While the original mixdown of the track falls on the downtempo side of things, Big Gigantic funkifies the track over a slick dubstep beat. The duo’s signature saxophone plays hard here, but that’s not the only telling sign of a Big Gig tune. The unorthodox synth completely rips, and the by the end of the track you feel as if you’re listening to a full band, rather than a two-piece live electronic setup.

I’m also clipping on two older tunes that help define the Big Gigantic sound. The first is a song from their original LP, titled High Life, a psychedelic but uplifting tune that’s guaranteed to make you get your swerve on. The latter, Lucid Dreams, is off their 2nd LP from 2010. With a hands in the air riff and a jazzy drumstep beat, this tune is perfect for peak hours. Keep an eye out for Big Gigantic in a venue near you. As good as their original tunes are, the setup that they bring to the table absolutely kills in the live setting.

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