Apr 25, 2014
Big Freedia Goes Buck Wild On ‘Explode’
Big Freedia - Explode (Original Mix) [Queen Diva]

Release your wiggle! Big Freedia, undisputed queen diva of New Orleans bounce music, is back and more ferocious than ever on Explode.

If this is your first time experiencing the aural insanity of Freedia’s bounce music, you should know that her approach is the polar opposite of Funkadelic’s–that is, free your ass and your mind will follow. See, Freedia understands that sometimes the best way to get your point across is to just scream it as loud as you can and then loop it ad nauseam until it’s not so much a direction as a necessity. If you’re not twerking your brains out by the end of this track–or any other tune by Freedia, for that matter–it’s safe to say that there’s something wrong with you.

Explode comes from Big Freedia’s next full-length record Just Be Free, expected to drop June 17 via her own Queen Diva Music imprint. Pre-order on iTunes to download the track now.

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