Oct 20, 2010
Beebs & Some Good Humor
Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Matt Sayers Beebs Bootleg)

After Foo Boi introduced us to Duck Sauce and Barbra Streisand, a bunch of remixes followed suit, but there has been one that has shone through brightly with… well… just hit play and you’ll understand.

New Jersey producer Matt Sayers has thrown himself into the mix with some excellent vocal samples and an intriguing dosage of humor to create his “Beebs Bootleg” of Barbra Streisand. Injecting “Justin Bieber” samples alongside those “oohs” adds a tremendous amount of hilarity to the track. Not to sound like a hater, but this is the best thing Justin Bieber’s name has ever been put on.

Be sure to check out Matt’s SoundCloud for a free download and more great music. Also, take a look at the official music video for Barbra Streisand and see how many cameo appearances you can catch.

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