Mar 15, 2011
Bhangra Trance
Kanomata Keisuke - Dalit (Tomoyuki Sakakida Remix) [Galaxy Recz]

Remember bhangra? The genre from India that combined elements of traditional Indian music, hip hop, and dancehall enjoyed a brief mainstream spurt in popularity in 2003 after Jay-Z took the popular club hit Mundian To Bach Ke by bhangra ambassador Punjabi MC and rapped over the beat, creating monster hit Beware. Since then, bhangra has enjoyed fringe popularity, but has never quite entered the mainstream in the same manner again, although it definitely still has its audience, especially in New York, where monthly parties known as Basement Bhangra are thrown at popular venue SOBs.

One genre I have yet to hear be combined with bhangra is trance, but that ends today. Japanese artist Tomoyuki Sakakida, who we recently wrote about after we heard his spectacular remix of Oceanus by Hiroyuki ODA, has taken Kanomata Keisuke’s Dalit and turned it into an Indo-trance banger that is likely to make your booty pop at lightning speed. Standard bhangra vocals and instrumentation are interwoven with spacious, sidechained synth sounds, and the result is like nothing you’ve ever heard before–I’m sure of that. Have a listen.

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