May 01, 2014
The Best Of A-Trak’s Reddit AMA

A-Trak stopped by Reddit HQ in NYC Wednesday evening to host an hour-long AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) Q&A session that turned out to be full of interesting facts. Since Reddit can be a little intimidating to the uninitiated, we’ve sorted through the chat and selected the most notable highlights, from juicy exclusive details (like the news that Duck Sauce’s debut Quack will arrive on colored vinyl June 17) to some of the funnier exchanges Trizzy engaged in with fans.

A-Trak’s unibrow is the source of his powers:


On keeping turntablism alive in the new era of EDM:


A-Trak dedicated years to mastering production, even after he went pro:


Duck Sauce does, therefore Duck Sauce is:


We could see music from Hoodboi and rapper Freddie Gibbs on Fool’s Gold in the future:

aama-gibbs copy

“Big Room” is not a part of A-Trak’s vocabulary:


On when we can expect the DJ to retire:


And finally, the question that’s on every fan’s mind:


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