Sep 17, 2015
Benga Opens Up About Mental Health Issues

Dubstep pioneer Benga has opened up about recent mental health issues via his Twitter account, explaining to fans that his retirement from touring and producing in February 2014 was due to recently diagnosed bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Benga explained in a series of Tweets that his disorders were brought about, or made worse, by “drugs and excessive touring” but that he “[doesn’t] want sympathy” and he aims instead to raise awareness. His outpouring has garnered a massive positive response from social media, with others also having the courage to talk about their own problems.

Even in 2015, it is a brave and noble move to admit to having mental health problems publicly. A cruel stigma still often surrounds such issues, and Benga must be highly commended, not just for letting people know about his own problems, but also for adding to the growing movement that encourages people to ignore taboos around mental health and get the help they need.

We don’t want to go all public service announcement on you guys, but if you or anyone you know is suffering with mental health issues, remember that it’s always best to do what Benga did and seek help–there is always someone you can talk to, and always a way to get better.

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