Jan 13, 2013
Ben Nicky’s Modern Classic
Ben Nicky - Gemini (Original Mix) [Night Vision]

British producer Ben Nicky recently posted a photo on his Facebook page of a rare framed poster from the film Kevin & Perry Go Large with the caption “the film that started everything for me”. For those not familiar, it’s a ’90s British comedy film, very puerile, and not meant to be a serious biopic of clubbing on Ibiza, but it featured a soundtrack of classic anthems that made it an introduction to trance music for a generation, and it would seem Ben Nicky was also one of the converted.

Since then Ben has delivered the goods with a consistency that staggers, no moreso than on his latest release Gemini, which manages to perfectly capture the sound of trance music as if it has never aged. From the subtle nod to the genre’s Balearic influence via the gentle acoustic guitar, to the massive riffs that instantly bring to mind a packed club on a warm Eivissa night, it’s a track that epitomizes what the genre is about: music to lose yourself in. As you’d expect, production value is spot on and the track flows beautifully from the chilled, haunting breakdown to the massive euphoria of the main drop. Gemini is out now as a Beatport exclusive on Night Vision, a sub-label of the legendary Spinnin’ Records.

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