Feb 19, 2014
Ben Gold’s First ‘#Goldrush’
Ben Gold - Thriller (Original Mix) [Garuda]
Ben Gold - Vortex (Original Mix) [Garuda]

British producer Ben Gold has become a star name for Garuda as of late. Tracks such as Amplified were massive hits for Gareth Emery’s label last year, and now the golden boy is back with the first of his new #Goldrush series.

#Goldrush Volume One consists of two tracks, the first of which is Thriller. As you might expect, it’s a mix of the uplifting and the frenetic, with massive pads and percussion giving rise to some almost panicked arps that give the track a real kick in teeth–this is uplifting trance with a little something extra. Next up is Vortex, and while it’s largely more of the same, this time there’s a twist to the twist. A few euphoric mini-breaks followed by a few electro style mini-drops subtly hint at what’s to come. The climax of Vortex is the sort of trance Garuda is known for, but the drop is deep, gritty and very dark. Normally that would be that, but the break keeps jumping back, and the two very different parts almost begin dancing with each other.

The whole EP is a fantastic juxtaposition of two different styles of trance and a perfect example of what dance music is all about. #Goldrush Volume One is out now on Beatport.

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