May 18, 2011
Beauty In The Dark
Tiesto & Mark Knight feat Dino - Beautiful World (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom]

Sure to dominate this summer is yet another mega hit by the one and only Tiësto called Beautiful World. Teaming up with Mark Knight, it’s clear in this fusion how Tijs Verwest combined his epic sound with the riveting beats by the head of Toolroom Records. Topping off this massive track are some of the simplest and yet stunningly beautiful vocals sung by none other than the UK’s Dino Psaras.

This vocal progressive house masterpiece begs exploration of the lyrics ’cause if you close your eyes it’s a beautiful world. Do they mean the world is only beautiful if you’re not paying attention to atrocities around the globe? This meaning would be supported by the blood red cover art showing a young boy holding a grenade and wearing a soldier’s helmet. Or perhaps the lyrics mean we should close your eyes and forget life’s hassles and distractions and just listen to the beauty of the music. I like to think the vocals were intentionally open-ended.

Even harder to get your head around is the unconventional music video for Beautiful World that Tiësto has been using in his festival performances. The feature is a short film depicting a gang of young boys who enjoy dancing like American cheerleaders. Shunned by their peers, perhaps the message is to cherish and embrace being different than the mold. Regardless, the video spurred a lot of discussion and it’s nice to have a track be so both audibly and visually intriguing.

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