Mar 27, 2012
Beautiful Planet
Ital Tek - Days Illusion (Original Mix) [Atom River]
Ital Tek - The Planet (Original Mix) [Atom River]
Ital Tek - East District (Original Mix) [Atom River]

Alan Myson, aka Ital Tek, has developed quite a reputation on Planet Mu Records since his first LP Cyclical almost four years ago. The Brighton-based DJ and producer has become a mainstay at the mighty Planet Mu with tunes like Gonga and Midnight Colour, amassing praise from the glitch hop and downtempo communities. While working on his third LP, the ever-industrious Ital Tek has just released a separate and distinct EP called The Planet on his own imprint Atom River–a remarkable testament to Tek’s multi-tasking ability. The Planet is a four-track journey through edgy ambiance and meticulously crafted rhythms–certainly the most compulsive sound from the Final Fantasy-inspired producer since Gonga.

From the initial play, it’s apparent that the tune Days Illusion is an imitable example of intricate, yet neurotic drum programming. From shakers to tablas, Days Illusion operates on resonating rhythms and delayed percussive hits, building and decaying in complete concert with one another. Title track The Planet has much of the same drum programming, but with a more deliberate lead bassline. This tune, with its alien sound effects and stuttering hi-hats, grows from an angry head-nodder into a cerebral experience with lush pads and layered harmonies. The next tune, East District, has a very cinematic feel, with subtle melodies punctuated by a diving bass stab and a minuscule vocal sample. The Planet is clearly the work of a producer that has a thorough understanding of the subtleties of emotions in melody and harmony.

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