May 30, 2013
Beautiful But Deadly In Autoerotique’s Asphyxiation Vid

It’s a (sexy) battle of the sexes in Autoerotique’s latest video, featuring some truly badass dodgeball bitches absolutely handing it to a crew of dudes set to their latest single Asphyxiation.

Although trim and beautiful, especially in the opening scenes, these ladies waste no time in establishing who rules the dodgeball court with their aerial acrobatics and cannon-like throwing arms. They might seem delicate, but these girls are not ones to mess around with; they know how to handle the balls.

Speaking of puns, it’s also nice to see the Toronto duo take advantage of the exceedingly obvious play on words available by releasing a tune called Asphyxiation. It’s about time.

Pick up the tune here, and check out the behind-the-scenes footage here.

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