Apr 21, 2011
Beats So Good
Hirshee feat Tonye Aganaba - So Good (Original Mix) [Big Fish]
Hirshee feat Tonye Aganaba - So Good (Rico Tubbs Remix) [Big Fish]

Canadian up-and-comer Hirshee has been floating around the dubstep/electro scene recently with support from DJs like Calvertron and Tim Healey, but we here at LessThan3 think it’s about time he took a leader rather than a supporter role. With the help of another Canadian, vocalist Tonye Aganaba, So Good is the track that will help him do just that.

In So Good, Hirshee has done an excellent job of taking that currently-and-perpetually classic big-room house sound and wrapping it up in some dubbed out wobbles. I especially love the off-beat chord stabs in the drop that give it that ass-swinging reggae feel. Tonye’s vocals add just enough energy and just enough swag to make this song both hard-hitting and laid back. Finnish producer Rico Tubbs thought it needed a bit of an electro smack, though, and gave it an interesting wobbly drop that is half dubbed-out electro and half electroed-out dub. I personally prefer the original mix, but which do you like more? Hit me with a comment!

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