Apr 06, 2011
Beats of Fury
The Loops Of Fury - We Unfold (Plump DJs Remix) [U&A]

I don’t think the Plump DJs know how to make bad music. Having wowed me from the first time I heard them in a corner stage at Ultra last year, these guys almost have their own genre of EDM to themselves, full of constantly morphing stutter rhythms and intricate melody lines. Their newest release on U&A Records, a remix of The Loops Of Fury track We Unfold, was dropped by Carl Cox at Ultra this year to a riotous crowd reaction. Carl clearly loves this song, too, because he used one of his stage’s best effects while it played; as the song dropped a huge wall of smoke came from the ceiling, completely obscuring vision for upwards of thirty seconds.

Classifying their remix of We Unfold into a particular genre is like trying to fit a square peg into a circular hole; it’s part fidget electro, part tribal, part hip hop, and all awesome. The Plumps specialize in keeping their tracks at a constant level of high interest to the listener, and this particular song exemplifies that–no five seconds of the track are the same as the previous five. Then there is that absolutely frenetic drop that lands after a humongous wall of reverb practically sweeps you off your feet Wizard of Oz-style. Hold onto your seat.

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