Mar 05, 2014
Beats Music Acquires Topspin Media

As Beats dives ever deeper into the world of online music streaming with Beats Music, the company has announced that it is acquiring Topspin Media, a large-scale promotion and marketing company aimed at better connecting artists to their fans.

According to their website, Topspin currently platforms over 55,000 musicians, filmmakers, and labels. Beats Music was designed to provide listeners with a customizable online listening experience by connecting users with the perfect playlist based on certain situations. This involves real people recommending songs to listener’s playlists in real time.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nine Inch Nails frontman and Beats Music Chief Creative Officer Trent Reznor spoke about the need to bring a human element into online music services to help better connect with fans.

We’re trying to bring joy to the user and sort through the world’s catalog of music into digestible parcels that considers context where it might be…It’s coming up with the idea that humans need to be involved in this process and the miracle of algorithms.

So what does the Topspin acquisition mean for Beats? It means that the company is continuing to move in the right direction. In the digital world that we live in, the internet is flooded with thousands of pieces of new media daily. This creates a unique situation for consumers. As companies continue to gather massive amounts of data from our online activities, we are constantly bombarded with custom advertisements and given new ways to personalize our online user experience across various platforms. While this proves to be mildly annoying and tiresome for most of us, there’s no escaping it. At least Beats will be giving me something I’m interested in.

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