May 03, 2011
Beats Francais
French Government - Disco Sauvage (Original Mix) [Definitive]
French Government - Tech Avantage (Original Mix) [Definitive]

Parisian duo French Government have done a lot work that’d make any LT3-er proud. Grounded in the arts of the tech beat, the duo has taken their sound all sorts of places, from electro to progressive house. This time around however, they’ve gone back to their roots to produce straight up minimal tech beats.

Their new EP Disco Sauvage contains all the necessary ingredients for good techno music, including sharp percussion and dark, distorted kicks. The title track captures the raw appeal of techno as its steady and crisp percussions flow rhythmically to the beat. Tech Avantage (a great name for a track by the way) relies less on an intricate steady groove and focuses more on building suspense in the track, leading up to some explosive releases. We’ll make sure to check back on these guys when they’re out with more music in the near future. In the meantime, if you’re curious about their less techy tracks, make sure to check out all their releases on Beatport.

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