Jun 25, 2015
Beatport Launches Free Streaming Music Player, To Pay Artists

Move over SoundCloud; you’ve got some competition.

Beatport has launched a new, embeddable music player that can be used across blogs and social media platforms to stream songs from its service, free of charge. The kicker? Artists will be paid a fee for each play.

Beatport executive creative director Clark Warner had this to say in a statement about the launch:

“Supporting artists has been a core value at Beatport since day one, and that mission remains as we expand to serving fans with our new streaming service. Our embeddable streaming music player not only helps artists promote their music by making it available wherever their fans live online, but we are also taking the necessary steps to pay rightsholders for each listen so artists get paid.”

The new service seeks to challenge SoundCloud, which is the current kingpin for promoting new music across the internet. SoundCloud has recently come under fire over the service’s free streaming capabilities, with Sony pulling music from the site, although the company has a new deal in place to pay royalties to indie labels.

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