Jul 03, 2014
Beatport Announces New President

The 10-year-old electronic music marketplace Beatport added another major change to its recent transformation today when it announced a new president in former COO and Beatport Pro President Lloyd Starr.

To go along with the company’s new owners in SFX Entertainment and latest location of Denver, Starr promises new features and services in addition to a stalwart conviction to remain loyal to the “lifeblood of the dance music community,” the DJ. New additions to the Beatport experience, while primarily built for fans, will always reflect consideration for DJs’ benefit as well, he writes in a welcome message.

As the Beatport founders’ first official hire, Starr has been around more or less since the beginning and shares some amusing memories of its infancy stages that show how far the leading online dance music store has come:

“Back then the only way to ingest new music into the store was to load all the new tracks into everyone’s personal computers and drive them over to the server farm and upload.”

While the past 10 years have brought Beatport a long way, the next 10 will present new challenges in the form of a perpetually dynamic online music consumption market and a host of new competitors. To keep Beatport on top of its game as it continues to grow, Starr plans to remain focused on the music itself. In an age in which far more emphasis is placed on touring’s impact on the artist’s bottom line, the greater electronic music community is in need of an established organization looking out for the best interests of those who create its intellectual property.

Read his entire letter here.

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