May 15, 2014
Beatport Addresses Chart-Cheaters

Modern communication and technology have greatly increased the ease and speed with which an artist can become famous, but have simultaneously opened the door for foul-play using the same tech advances to cut even shorter, less-than-honest paths to stardom.

Beatport announced in a blog post May 14 that they’ve identified multiple paid services created to “boost a track’s Beatport chart position for a price.” To best ensure a level playing field, Beatport says it is constantly working to ensure the artists who are enjoying the coveted recognition that comes with a chart-topper actually deserve it.

Whether labels or artists are buying up bulk amounts of their own material or using other means to bolster chart position, Beatport says it can tell–easily. Upon identifying a track or tracks that have been boosted by such means using “very easy and obvious clues,” Beatport warns that it will pull the offending material on first offense. The second time, BP will permanently ban the artist or artists and labels in question.

In addition to the morality issues in play, Beatport points out that these boosting efforts rarely work due to the ease at which they can identify “scammers,” and getting caught may not only mean the end of an artist’s Beatport sales, but the end of their career, should their embarrassing “fraud” status reach the public.

Read the entire post here, and let’s keep it honest, yes?

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