Feb 25, 2014
Beat Fatigue Slaps Down ‘Sloddervos’ As A New Single
Beats Fatigue - Sloddervos [Adapted]

The dutch are some of the tallest people in the world, but Amsterdam glitch-swing producer Beat Fatigue wouldn’t know it, because all he ever seems to do is “get down” (ba-dum-tssst).

Seriously though, Sloddervos slaps like a pimp and struts like a manakin. Jazz, glitch hop, swing and horn samples collide on this free download to create a groove that makes even tectonic plates want to shake their booties boundaries. Fart noises rarely get this rhythmic or tasteful, but that’s expected when you want your glitch hop fix. What makes Beat Fatigue one of the cocks of the walk is his affection for gorgeous acoustic touches and intoxicating playfulness. He lulls you in with the class of a server at a wine bar, playing a grand piano over a guitar lightly processed with tremolo, but once the groove hits, he rips off his gentry costume and reveals the heart of a toddler–all bounce, no thinking allowed.

Unless you’re lacking a pulse, this track should get you amped for his upcoming EP, Funky Borderline, out soon on Adapted.

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