Sep 18, 2015
Beastie Boys’ Mike D Releases Trap Remix Of Awolnation’s ‘I Am’
Awolnation - I Am (Mike D Remix) [Red Bull Records]

There’s no doubt that trap has reached wide audiences these past few years, its influence permeating even the most unexpected genres, and now the Beastie Boys’ Mike D (pictured) has taken a liking to the off-kilter style to release a remix of Awolnation’s I Am.

This is Mike D’s first solo showing in over two years, and three years since the passing of Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch. His early, pre-’80s hip hop roots make the trap pairing inevitable on this remix. In a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone, he says about the genre, “It’s interesting – it’s the first time in a while I feel like hip-hop has returned to its raw, stripped-down, drum-machine roots. At the same time, it’s not retro, and works in a club setting.”

There’s no doubt that he brings Awolnation to a club setting with his remix’ stuttering trap kick drum and hi-hat rhythms. He keeps lead singer Aaron Bruno’s lyrics assertively at the forefront, favoring a few reverbed vocal clips in places, before taking a sinister turn with waning drones and harsh broken beats.

You can purchase Mike D’s remix here.

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