Apr 25, 2014
Baths Announces ‘Ocean Death’ And Shares A Preview
Baths - Ocean Death (Original Mix) [Anticon]

Will Wiesenfeld, aka Baths, has announced that he’ll be following up his critically acclaimed sophomore album from last year, Obsidan, with a new EP entitled Ocean Death, and has shared the title track to hint at what’s to come.

Baths has always treaded that fine line between the singer-songwriter and electronic worlds. You could find him on lineups at electronic music festivals such as Lightning In A Bottle, but you’ll also find reviews of his albums in the major pop/rock magazines. The thing that binds his two modes together is his love of accessible and effective pop hooks. He takes any opportunity he can to show off his boyish falsetto, and his beats are among the catchiest of the LA future-beats scene from whence he comes.

When Ocean Death comes right out the door with a harsh loop that lies somewhere in between experimental techno and satanist throat singing, I feel a little shocked–disturbed even. After all, this is the guy who likes to pose in photos with puppies and short shorts. This is something different for Wiesenfeld, and should really raise the anticipation for when the EP drops on May 6.

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