Sep 16, 2015
Batband Headphones Allow You To Hear Tunes Ears-Free

StudioBananaThings latest product, the Batband headphones, uses bone conduction to deliver music straight to your mind without earbuds.

The bone conduction technology seems like something straight out of a Star Wars film, and the sleek behind-the-head design that connects just on the side of your skull only adds to the futuristic concept. Bone conduction bypasses your ear to instead send audio vibrations directly to your cochlea (the tiny structure in your inner-ear where sound is processed by your brain). The advantage of this technology is that instead of completely blocking out the outer world, you can privately listen to your own soundtrack while retaining complete consciousness of what is happening around you. Bluetooth connectivity sends your music to the Batband, and you can control the volume by sliding your finger alongside the outer band.

Batband has already met its Kickstarter, surpassing it by about $70,000, and will send the product to those who have donated after the campaign’s conclusion. Though the lower-level donations have sold out, you can still donate until Sept. 30 here.

StudioBananaThings’ Batband is not the only bone conduction headphone currently preparing for the market–you can also find a slightly sportier version of the technology with AfterShokz’s Trekz Bone model. They have started their own IndieGoGo campaign to raise money as well here.

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