Jun 30, 2015
Stream Bassnectar’s New Album ‘Into The Sun’

Bassnectar’s latest artist album Into The Sun has been released. 16 tracks deep, it’s more odyssey than album, a journey into the mind and motivations of one of EDM’s festival favorites.

Six tracks from the album were shared prior to today’s official release, with Sideways–his collaboration with producer Louis Futon and Bay Area rap legends Zion I–leading the charge insofar as trap inspirations. The use of San Francisco rap’s traditional hyphy swing in the track aims the genre at a higher level of excellence.

Into The Sun, the album’s titular single, bears a loping and filtered snare and kick blending into heavy and break-laden dubstep. A lone synth riding on top of the mix gives the track an almost post-apocalyptic feel.

Remixes play a significant role in the album, with the best of the lot possibly being Bassnectar’s re-working of David Heartbreak’s 2014 single Rose Colored Bass. Whereas the original sounds like a dancehall remix of a dubstep tune, this one goes one step further and warps Heartbreak’s banging, dub-driven basslines into double-time drum & bass. It’s certainly exciting and provides a wildly different feel.

With collaborations making up most of the album, everything from The Naked and The Famous’ rock stylings to Psymbionic’s chillwave breaks and Swedish experimental pop artists Wintergatan are dipped into the lowest end of the sonic register and returned bearing varying levels of Bassnectar’s trademark rumbling and face-melting intensity.

For fans of Bassnectar and heavy sounds, this album is a must-listen if only because of its seemingly endless desire to meld Bassnectar’s style with concepts and feels both familiar and bizarre. When the imagination of the lead artist is the only tie that binds a release this diverse, the album serves more a statement of one’s creative excellence than anything else.

Grab the entire Into The Sun album here, and stream on SoundCloud here.

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