Jun 17, 2015
Bassnectar Prepares To Stare ‘Into The Sun’
Bassnectar feat. Lafa Taylor - Speakerbox (Original Mix) [Amorphous]
Bassnectar & G Jones - The Mystery Spot (Original Mix) [Amorphous]

San Francisco-based bass master Bassnectar returns with five new tracks as a preview of his next artist album Into the Sun, set to be released June 30 via his own label, Amorphous Music.

The quintet of tunes showcases an ambitious attempt at a broadened sonic palette for the veteran. The album’s title track is a searing electro dub anthem with fat breaks and melodic major key synths invading the vast aural depths. Speakerbox features emcee Lafa Taylor and features thick synth notes over trap-style percussion in a manner similar to Jeezy’s 2011 rap hit Hustle Hard.

Bassnectar’s remix of The Naked and The Famous’ No Way differentiates itself from the original version by sliding a thumping kickdrum and crunching snare into the low end of the mix. The Mystery Spot finds Bassnectar pairing with G Jones for an entertainingly undulating thumper that blends underground rap head nodding with festival-ready synth wobbles and a punchy bassline. A noodling melody and grooving beat highlight Bassnectar’s 2015 take on his remix of Dorfex Bos‘ self-titled single.

Check out all five tracks on his SoundCloud here. If you’re interested in pre-ordering what appears to be an explosive, bass-driven odyssey that Bassnectar himself calls a “big f***ing sonic collage,” click here.

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