Jun 29, 2012
Bassline Hysteria
Gregori Klosman - Minibar (Original Mix) [Hysteria]
Ralvero - Rage (Original Mix) [Hysteria]
Bingo Players - Mode (Original Mix) [Hysteria]

The Bingo Players have been smashing through the electro scene this year with brutally hard bangers–case in point: L’Amour. They’ve also been doing a damn good job of showcasing dancefloor artillery on their Hysteria label with producers like Gregori Klosman, who just had a Hysteria release with Minibar. The track’s first bassline seems inspired by Rattle, but it’s the second bassline that really hooked me in with its bouncy tone and rhythm. The mayhem cranks up a notch at the peak of its climax when the a voice screaming “F*ck, there’s no minibar” pops in.

The Hysteria party doesn’t stop with Minibar, though. Rage demonstrates their pal Ralvero’s grasp of catchy melodies, fist pumping basslines, and that driving, club-ready sound. Of course, the boys of Bingo Players are releasing some smashers of their own on their imprint as well, the most recent of which, Mode, stands out for its focus on emotional synths and progressive elements. Check out Hysteria’s full catalog here.

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