Nov 10, 2013
Bassjackers & GRX Play The Game
Bassjackers & GRX - Gamer (Original Mix) [Doorn]

If electro house has one purpose, it is to go mental with a synthesiser. Making a track suitable for a club is also a major priority, but sitting in a darkened studio, aiming for that eureka moment when the speakers spout the sort of sound that causes walls to start cracking and makes the cat throw up, is what makes an electro track really stand out. That may not be exactly how it went down, but it’s pretty much what Dutch outfit Bassjackers have achieved in this collaboration with GRX.

Gamer is nothing special in terms of the beat and percussive elements– it’s pretty standard electro–but the bass is where this track first grabs your attention. First of all there’s a deep, low, humming sound, which is almost inconsequential on headphones, but gets more serious the louder and bigger the speakers. The inspiration for the title becomes clear with a spoken word sample regarding the legend that is Mario, before all hell breaks loose. The best word in my mind to describe the main bass riff is “unapologetic”–it’s the eureka moment in question. The break is also surprisingly trancey, with a lovely plucky lead sound that verges on the uplifting, and it proves to be an almost jarring contrast to the build. The track drops right back into it though, with more crazy synth sounds and even some 8-bit style arps towards the end.

Gamer may be a tribute to computer games, but musically it’s a tribute to electro. Out now on Sander Van Doorn’s label, you’ll probably be in need of some spare lives when you hear this on a club sound system.

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