Jul 25, 2011
Athys & Duster - Barfight (Original Mix) [Titan]

One of The Risky’s favorite tracks of the past few weeks on his Drum’n’Bass Arena podcast, Barfight by Belgian newcomers Athys & Duster, out now on Titan Records, is not your average drum’n’bass track. However, it is written in such a way that it could draw listeners in that don’t even listen to dnb on a regular basis.

Barfight starts out with an ambient, almost southern rock sound (yes, southern rock) which is then met with that famous muted dnb build and vocal sampling from… Boondock Saints? Yep, angered yellings about a barfight then lead into a drop that employs a very unique, LFO-ed out synth sound, the likes of which I haven’t heard before. The tune definitely has an air of animosity to it, but don’t go knocking anyone out when you listen! Blow out your speakers instead <3

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