Oct 06, 2013
bassAware Holster Adds More Thump To Your Silent Disco

Have you ever been to a festival that had a silent disco tent? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably yes. It’s a great concept; one that allows a crowd to have a fully immersed audio experience to themselves without making a sound. It’s cheeky and interesting but has always missed a crucial element in the live EDM experience: earth-shaking bass that you can physically feel in your body. Now a new product called the bassAware Holster is looking to add a this missing element in the form of a futuristic vest that pumps bass vibrations to your body while listening to headphones.

bassAware’s creator and product designer Michael White says the feeling of bass produced by the product’s tactical transducer (definitely futuristic) will let you “feel that visceral punch like you’re in the club or in front of a giant stack of speakers.” They’ll work with any set of headphones, from top-notch cans to low rate earbuds.

You can donate to the cause on the bassAware Kickstarter page. They are currently at $21,000 of their $30,000 funding goal.

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