Nov 11, 2012
Bass Kleph Makes Us Forget
Bass Kleph - Make Me Forget (Original Mix) [Vacation]
Bass Kleph - Make Me Forget (Bass Kleph's Deep Remix) [Vacation]

Make Me Forget is the newest release from Vacation label-head Bass Kleph. With this release, Kleph introduces the world to a new side of his studio talents which is far heavier and more aggressive than his previous works. It features Kleph on vocals for the first time ever and includes an incredible “Deep Remix” from the man as well.

Make Me Forget is a full-on six minute ragefest. Aside from the uplifting vocals of Kleph, this track boasts an immense amount of energy and high-octane wobbles that will surely liven up any party. On the contrary, Bass Kleph’s “Deep Remix” is almost the complete opposite of an all-out rager. Its funky, deep vibes make it a viable candidate for opening sets and chill playlists of EDM enthusiasts everywhere. Support Bass Kleph and pick up these tracks on Beatport.

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