Dec 29, 2013
Bass Kleph Is ‘Going Crazy’
Bass Kleph - Going Crazy (Original Mix) [We Play]
Bass Kleph - Going Crazy (Adam Rickfors & Bartosz Brenes Remix) [We Play]
Bass Kleph - Going Crazy (Travis Emmons Remix) [We Play]

Ready to lose your mind and go crazy? One listen to Bass Kleph’s newest single, Going Crazy, out now on We Play, might do the trick. Don’t believe me? Go press play and find out for yourself.

Going Crazy can be summed up in one word: big. I’m talking big bass, big room synths, and even big vocals from the man himself. The track also has a little Wolfgang vibe going on, and I don’t have to tell you that this is definitely a good thing. Jonesing for more? The Going Crazy pack also includes a roaring remix from Adam Rickfors & Bartosz Brenes and a groovy house take from Travis Emmons. Pick up Going Crazy now on Beatport.

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