Feb 18, 2012
Bass Drunk
MartyParty - We Know Who We Are (Original Mix)
MartyParty - Pretty Thoughts (Original Mix)
MartyParty - Addicted To Money (Original Mix)

All I see is purple. I’m blind to everything else. When you’ve got MartyParty on the mind, purple is as pervasive as white in a blizzard. Marty Folb, aka MartyParty of Deathstar and PANTyRAiD, continues his reign as the king of purple bass–those slow beats with low bass, hip hop hues, and glitchy elements: baby-making bass music.

Marty’s new LP, Six Shots of Jameson, is also the name of his tour that is currently underway and making its way from the east to the west coast over the course of about a month and a half. As far as the sounds of the LP go, I sense a real growth in Marty’s artistic identity. In some of the tracks off of Six Shots, I’m reminded of Joker, the Bristol dubstepper who independently started producing purple music some time ago–this similarity shows the most in We Know Who We Are. I’m also really digging Pretty Thoughts and Addicted to Money, but you should really grip the entire LP, because deciding which tracks to give you on this post was a decidedly difficult feat to complete.

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