Jun 19, 2011
Bass Attraction
Bart B More - Traction (Club Mix) [Secure]

When it comes to mean basslines, you don’t have to look much further than Bart B More. The Dutch master of electro is out with a new single Traction to single-handedly tear up the summer club season. If you happen to be a fan of the B, strap in and get ready for some of his most audacious bass yet.

As the melodic introduction rolls in, you might think it’s a bit reminiscent of fellow Dirty Dutchman Sidney Samson’s recent track Blasted, which sets you up for the drop in a similar fashion. That’s where the similarities –aside from insanity in both drops–abruptly end. Bart assaults you with his classic combination of thick electro hooks and syncopated, techy layering. If you happen to be new to the man, check out his recent collaboration with Harvard Bass–you’ll get an idea of what I might mean by “thick electro”.

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