Jul 03, 2011
Basic Arithmetic
SBTRKT - Pharaohs [Young Turks]
SBTRKT - Ready Set Loop [Young Turks]
SBTRKT - Heatwave [Young Turks]

The UK has always been ground zero for avant garde underground music. It was true with rock, and it’s true with EDM. Today, I bring you the eccentric act known only as SBTRKT. This anonymous producer, based out of London, takes the rather Daft Punk-esque approach of always performing behind a mask.

SBTRKT’s music is melodic and well-arranged; synth-heavy glitch hop dipped and rolled in bass and coated with an indie hard candy shell. It’s exactly this kind of constant innovation that feeds the insatiable appetite that is the EDM fan’s hunger for new, boundary-pushing sounds. I give his self-titled album a fat seal of approval for being exemplary of that. Its rhythmic, bassy vibe will hook you, and the fantastic vocals and smooth grooves will reel you in before throwing you back into the pool for you to queue up the next song.

If you’re going to listen to this album at all, check out Pharaohs–this song is A-grade envelope-pushing material. Ready Set Loop has this real chill vibe with a sound reminiscent of something Hudson Mohawke would put out. If you’re not sold yet, check out the album’s opening track, Heatwave, or better yet, get your hands on a copy of the album.

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