May 01, 2014
Basement Jaxx’ Next Album Reveals Itself In ‘Unicorn’
Basement Jaxx - Unicorn (Original Mix)

UK duo Basement Jaxx is getting ready to release its first studio album in five years. Although the details of the yet-untitled project are still under wraps, the duo has shared the first track off the album, the club-ready banger Unicorn.

It’s easy to get swept up in the latest from Basement Jaxx as drops of energized synth skate over pristine production and hypnotic beats. Throughout the track, an unidentified female vocalist propositions you to “jump in” and “lose yourself” in the good vibrations.

Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, the brains behind Basement Jaxx, first made their way onto the British dance scene in the early ’90s, playing clubs for a number of years in South London before recording their first studio album. Since their 1999 debut Remedy, Basement Jaxx have released a total of six full-length albums (their last being 2009’s Zephyr/Scars).

While the two haven’t released an album in this decade, that hasn’t stopped them from offering up a few tracks here and there. Check out the video for their 2013 single What A Difference Your Love Makes here and the video for Back 2 The Wild below.

Basement Jaxx’ untitled seventh album will be out sometime this summer. Be on the lookout for more details in the coming months.

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