Jul 21, 2014
Basement Jaxx’ Twerkbot 1.0 Revealed In ‘Never Say Never’ Video

Jaxx Industries, the top-secret laboratory of Basement Jaxx, unveiled the savior of mankind’s age-old art of dancing today in the official video for Never Say Never.

Motivated by the possibility that humans will cease dancing in the near future, Jaxx Industries births the Twerkbot 1.0, ready to inspire the world’s booties to shake once again. Not a bad way to spend ¥17.5 billion, though if they’re going to call something a “Twerkbot,” they’d better go with a bigger, more voluminous butt. This one looks like it’s late to first period violin. Taste in tooshies aside, Jaxx’ latest video is as entertaining as it is inventive.

Never Say Never is out Aug. 5 on their next album, Junto, via Atlantic Jaxx/PIAS. Pre-order here, and get an instant copy of Never Say Never.

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