Sep 12, 2011
Untold - Bones (Joe Remix) [SSSSS]
Untold - Bones (Rockwell Remix) [SSSSS]

There was never any chance of the following release being underwhelming. Just look at the names involved. In Rockwell (pictured) you have one of the most forward-thinking drum’n’bass producers in the biz, while Joe is a UK bass guy who has been quietly stepping his way to stardom on the always fantastic Hessle Audio. Give them some material from Hemlock label boss Untold to work with and voila: instant bass gold. The two reworks of Bones on offer here may differ in style but both are primed dancefloor weapons ready for use by the most discerning after-hours DJs.

Joe’s career may only be a few tracks deep at present, but his M.O. seems pretty clear. His take on Bones is all about ultra-tight minimalism, rhythms that are almost skeletal but remain warm due to his penchant for the occasional plush house chord. Rockwell is also a name associated with simplicity and elegance–terms not often applied to drum’n’bass producers. It is somewhat of a surprise then that his version is the more menacing, with impeccably produced black tribal beats over a backdrop of wailing, decaying synth washes. As a pair, these mixes are brutally effective: dark but not cold, reductionist yet still geared for big rooms and strobe-maddened revellers.

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