May 20, 2012
Banging Drums and He4ds
Blokhe4d - Bang The Drum (Original Mix) [Bad Taste]
Blokhe4d - Distant (Original Mix) [Bad Taste]

In the not too distant past, there was a group of men that were the undisputed champions of dark drum’n’bass. They called themselves Bad Company, and produced what many regard as the most influential song in d’n’b history called The Nine. Seven years ago Bad Company split up, with members Maldini and Vegas eventually forming a trio with Swiss d’n’b producer Uman. Together they became one of the nastiest tag teams in all of bass music–Blokhe4d. After a short time with Blokhe4d, Maldini parted ways with the group, but Vegas and Uman continue to produce under the moniker. Their latest creation may be their most aggressive tune to date–the neurofunk smasher entitled Bang The Drum on Bad Taste Recordings.

The dark and gritty spirit of Bad Company is alive and well in Bang The Drum. Most of the track’s edge comes from the mid-range bass melody, frantically gliding from frequency to frequency. The song continues to build with layers of different synthetics infused into the pitching lead melody, adding variation throughout the tune’s progression. The 2-step drum pattern constantly bangs away with hyper-paced drum rolls and a thick, chest-thumping kick drum. However, the true hands-in-the-air moment comes at the 4-minute mark, when Bang The Drum tranforms into a half-tempo drumstep banger. Flip to the b-side for Distant, another fast-paced, mind-numbing frenzy. This track features a techy, skittering synth lead that pursues the listener’s interest at the speed of sound, only relenting when the song concludes. This EP is arguably Blokhe4d’s best work since their smash hit The Way Life Used to Be.