Oct 23, 2010
Bangin' and Smashin'
We Bang - Smash The Floor (Original Mix) [Play Me]

Greg Oerlemans aka We Bang entered the international dubstep scene this year like Kramer entered Jerry’s apartment–with no hesitation, he just flew on in. We Bang’s resume doesn’t come stacked with an abundance of career achievements…yet. The young producer from Santa Ana, California recently released his first single, Smash The Floor, a track that happened to take the #1 spot on Beatport’s dubstep charts for the majority of the summer. A decent start to a career if I’ve ever seen one.

Smash The Floor doesn’t initially present itself as a dubstep song. It gives you a taste of the classier side of dubstep before dropping into a death-defying bassline, one of the sweetest ones of the year. What really carries this song though is the undeniable dance beat, something you don’t see too often in dubstep. First impressions are everything in today’s world, and for a young dubstep producer I can’t see a better one being made than with We Bang’s Smash The Floor.

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